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Linwood Fabrics Beachcomber Bressay LF1518FR/16

Linwood Fabrics Beachcomber 1.4 mt Roll End*

Bressay LF1518FR/016

Linwood Fabrics Beachcomber Lady Isle LF1518FR/4

Linwood Fabrics Beachcomber 3.8 mt Roll End*

Lady Isle LF1518FR/004

Linwood Fabrics Beachcomber Flannan LF1518FR/2

Linwood Fabrics Beachcomber 1.2 mt Roll End*

Flannan LF1518FR/002

Linwood Fabrics Belmont Tantallion LF1928FR/006

Linwood Fabrics Belmont Check 2.3 mt Roll End*

Tantallion LF1928FR/006

Linwood Fabrics Samphrey Penbroke LF1927FR-01

Linwood Fabrics Samphrey 2.4 mt Roll End*

Penbroke LF1927FR-01

Linwood Fabrics Samphrey Belmont LF1927FR-05

Linwood Fabrics Samphrey 3.4 mt Roll End*

Belmont LF1927FR-05

Linwood Fabrics Roxburgh Rothesay LF1925FR-01

Linwood Fabrics Ronas Hill 3.5 mt Roll End*

Rothesay LF1926FR-01

Abraham Moon Fabric Kilnsey Rhodolite U1438-D08

Abraham Moon Fabric Kilnsey 5.1 mt Roll End*

Rhodolite U1438-D08

Linwood Fabrics Bressay Check Quendale LF0690FR/005

Linwood Fabrics Bressay Check 4.6 mt Roll End*

Quendale LF0690FR/005


Items 1 to 24 of 59 total

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Wool Curtain Fabric

Wool has been used since as far back as 6000 BC. Wool is the textile fiber that comes from sheep and other particular animals; differing depending on what animal it is obtained from. Wool differs from other textiles obtained from animals such as hair or fur; it is crimped, elastic and grows in clusters. Its crimped quality means it has greater bulk than many other textiles, which allows it to retain heat, making it quite an ideal insulator fabric. The crimps also dictate the fineness of the wool. The finer the wool; the more crimps. Wool readily absorbs moisture with an ability to absorb almost one third of its weight. Wool also ignites at high temperatures, has a low rate of flame speed, low heat release and low combustion speed, making it an ideal fabric for high safety environments. Complementary to this it is resistant to static electricity, making it less likely to spark or cling to the body. If used for upholstery in automobiles, wool would reduce risk of a shock when a one touches a grounded object.

We always recommend that you dry clean our wool curtain fabric at a specialist dry cleaners.

We have a large collection of wool fabrics. Our wool fabric range includes wool tartans, plain wool, checked wool, striped wool and patterned wool. Our wool fabrics are suitable for both curtains and upholstery. All our wool fabrics are made of 100% wool and woven in Britain.

We offer a Made To Measure service on our wool curtain fabrics. If you would like to know more about our Made To Measure curtains please contact us.

All our wool fabrics are available both online and in store from our fabric warehouse in Northamptonshire.

Before choosing your curtain fabric there are a few points to consider about the type of fabric, type of curtains, curtain lining, curtain pole, pelmets or valences and about how much fabric you will need. Take a look at our measure & calculate page to help you with all these points.