How to Measure & Calculate

Calculating Fabric Width and Height For Windows and Made to Measure Curtains and Blinds

Are you unsure on how to measure your window for curtains and roman blinds? Do you know how to correctly measure the pattern repeat of your chosen curtain and blind fabric?

If the answer is no, then don't worry. We have put together three video tutorials plus diagrams to help in our Curtain Fabric Calculator:

  1. How to measure a window for curtains - Video & written instructions
  2. How to measure a window for roman blinds - Video & written instructions
  3. How to measure curtain fabric for pattern repeating - Video & written instructions

If you aren’t sure on how much fabric you need for curtains or roman blinds, then do not hesitate to email us or come in and see us at our fabric warehouse in Northamptonshire.

It is important to measure your windows correctly to work out how much fabric you need for your curtains and blinds. Once you have measured up, you can submit your measurements and order made to measure curtains on our website.

The window measurements only take you so far, ensuring you account for the type of curtain or blond you are making when deciding on your final quantity of fabric. Feel free to contact our customer service team and they can also help work it out for you.

How to Measure a Window For Curtains

Watch this one minute video on how to measure a window for curtains, plus some helpful best practice tips.

**Have your pole or track up BEFORE you take any measurements.**

Step by step instructions to measure a window for curtains

Follow these four simple steps to successfully measure a window for curtains.

Step 1: Where to Position Pole or Track

Length of pole or track should be 10-35cm over sides of window. Height of pole or track should be approximately 5-20cm above the window.

Step 2: Width

If using a pole, and especially when using a curtain width calculator, measure the width of pole not including the finials (decorative ends).

If using a rail, measure length of rail including any overlap.

Step 3: Headings

Headings are important when understanding how much fabric you need for your curtains as the style extends beyond the size of the window.

The type of heading will determine where you start measuring from;

Track: Measure from top of track.

Eyelet: Measure from the top of the pole.

Pencil & Pinch Pleat Pole: Measure from the eye - the small metal ring at bottom of each curtain ring.

Step 4: Length

Measure to where you want your curtains to finish.

Sill length (A): Typically 0.5cm above sill.

Below sill (B): 15-20cm below sill or 2cm above a radiator.

Floor length (C): Measure 1cm above floor or just touching.

Kicked (D): Measure 2/3cm on the floor.

Puddled (E): Allow 15-30cm on the floor.

For a more detailed explanation of the curtain effects you can achieve with different lengths, read our blog on curtain cut drops here.

How to Measure a Window For Roman Blinds

Learn how to efficiently measure a window for roman blinds in our simple how-to video.

Step by step instructions to measure a window for roman blinds

When choosing to have roman blinds you must make the decision between the blind being in the recess or out of the recess. This will affect how you take the measurements so the decision must be made before you measure.

How To Measure Romain Blinds Inside Recess

Step 1: Ensure there are no obstructions that will interfere with the blind, eg. window handles or tiles.

Step 2: Measure the width in three places; top, middle and bottom and take the narrowest width and deduct 5 - 10mm as the measurement.

Step 3: Measure the drop in three places and take the longest measurement as the finished drop.

How to Measure Roman Blinds Outside Recess

Fortunately, this one is nice and simple. Measure the width and length that you require to cover the window opening. The blind should be approximately 10cms above the window and 10 to 20cm wider than the recess.

Curtain Fabric Calculator for Pattern Repeating or Matching

Pattern matching will make your project look professional and allow the fabric pattern to shine without distraction. Watch our short video to see how to measure the patterned repeating fabric correctly.

Step by step instructions to measure fabric for pattern matching on curtains or blinds

The repeat is the size of the pattern as it appears once on a piece of fabric. Use a metal tape measure for accuracy over long areas.

Step 1. Find vertical repeat

To measure the vertical repeat, layout your fabric so you can see a full repeat and then some.

Step 2. Measure pattern repeat

Find the point and find where it next repeats. Measure the distance between these two points.

Try to use distinctive points like an animal's head or a unique floral element or colour combination to find the point it repeats at.

Step 3. Use repeat measurement with window measurements

Use your pattern repeat measurement alongside your window measurement to find the right amount of fabric required. The extra fabric you’ll require will allow you to achieve proper pattern matching.

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