Harris Tweed

Get a true taste of home with Harris Tweed fabric. Made with 100% pure virgin wool, our Harris Tweed fabrics are dyed and spun in the Outer Hebrides – and even handmade by the Islanders. You may not know that Harris Tweed is currently the only fabric in the world protected by an Act of Parliament.

This means each piece has to be inspected before being stamped with an orb trademark to signify quality and authenticity. For a true Harris Tweed product, it needs to be made from 100% virgin wool – and you’ll get this mark of authenticity for every metre you buy.

At first glance, the Harris Tweed may look like one block colour. But look closer and you’ll see a whole colour palette, some even subtly mimicking tartan and paying tribute to their Scottish heritage. This makes it ideal for a range of soft furnishings. Get your curtains made to measure or reupholster sofas and chairs for the ultimate in long-lasting quality.

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