Curtain Lining

Before you begin making curtains or a blind, consider what sort of curtains or blinds you are making and whether you will require lining. Purchasing your curtain fabric and lining together will save paying two lots of postage and will ensure that you get the right amount of curtain lining to match the fabric for the curtains themselves.

We stock a number of different types of curtain linings so you are able to find something suitable for your project.

Blackout / Thermal Lining

Our blackout and thermal curtain linings have both properties in one. They are designed to reduce the amount of light coming into a room and also keep the warmth in and the cold out. They are a only slightly stiffer and weightier than our sateen linings and they hang beautifully.

Cotton Sateen Lining

Our cotton sateen linings are our most popular linings and the one we would recommend to our customers unless you require blackout and thermal lining. They have a slight sheen to them and hang beautifully. We sell them in four different colour ways; stone, white, cream or ivory, which allows you to choose the colour that works best with your curtains and existing interiors.

Flame Proof Lining

If you are putting your curtains in a commercial environment like hotels, b&b's, holiday lets, restaurants, pubs etc then you will need the curtain lining to be fireproof as well as the curtain fabric. We sell normal fireproof lining and blackout fireproof lining which may be ideal if you are using it in bedrooms or we lit rooms.

Sateen Curtain Lining & Satin Curtain Lining

Many people ask the difference between satin and sateen lining. Sateen is a very good quality lining that is recognizable by the face side is glossy and the back is dull.  There is not much difference between sateen and satin but sateen is usually a good weight for lining soft furnishings and satin is a heavier weight to be used as curtains etc.  The manufacturing difference is the technique used of broken twill weaving in either the warp or weft system.  If the floats are woven parallel to the selvedge (edge of fabric) it is called satin.  If the floats are woven perpendicular, it is called sateen. We do not stock satin curtain fabric.

All our curtain linings are available both online and in store from our fabric warehouse in Northamptonshire.