Roman Blinds vs Roller Blinds

Roman Blinds vs Roller Blinds

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing whether you use roman blinds or roller blinds in a room. There is no right or wrong but one may be better for you.  

Below we have discussed the potential factors that you may want to consider before choosing what type of blind to go for.

The difference between roman blinds and roller blinds are the mechanisms, the way they work and how they look. As in the name, roller blinds roll up, where as roman blind fold up. Both have chains that are used to pull up and they both sit differently.

 Roman blind


 Roller bind from Best Blind 2018



With roman blinds, when they fold up they tend to cover a portion of the window unless you have them outside the recess and high above the window.   This means that they tend to block some light coming into the room, even when folded up.  An advantage of roller blinds is that they take up less room of a window, allowing more light to come into the room.  If the amount of light coming into a room is important to you then consider going for a roller blind to allow more light in.

 Roman blind



Roller blinds are generally viewed as a modern style of blind.  If you have a traditional home or are aiming to produce a traditional feel, we recommend using a roman blind which is much better suited to this type of interior.


 Roman blind



You can create a focal piece out of your blind.  When roller blinds are pulled up you cannot really see the fabric so they do not create as much of a feature in a room.  Roman blinds can be much more of a focal point in a room.  When roman blinds are folded up you still see a portion of the fabric.  Dependent on the style of roman blind, will affect how much fabric you see.  With waterfall style roman blinds you see more than with stacked roman blinds.  If you would like to know more about different styles of roman blinds then read our blog on this.


 Roman blind



Cleaning roller blinds is far easier than cleaning roman blinds.  If you are placing the blind in a kitchen or bathroom, or somewhere that is likely to build up lots of dirt and require frequent cleaning, then we recommend to consider a roller blind for ease and time.


 Roller blinds from Don Smith Blinds



Cost may be another factor to consider.  Roman blinds are generally more expensive than roller blinds so if you are looking for a touch of luxury and not looking to redecorate regularly then roman blinds are a great option.