How To Fix A Chair Seat With Springs

How To Fix A Chair Seat With Springs

Has your favourite chair seen better days? Are you wondering how to fix your sofa and chair springs? If so, you’re in the right place.

If you’re looking for some advice on fixing a current chair or sofa, take a read of our blog post below for advice. 



If your chairs and sofas are starting to feel uneven and uncomfortable, then broken springs may be to blame. 

If you take a look underneath your sofa and the web strips underneath are sagging, then this is more than likely a sign that your sofa springs have broken in this spot. 

If you’re looking at a chair rather than a sofa, take hold of the sides of the chair and turn it upside down. Then, remove the chair pan and the fabric that is covering it and have a look inside. It’s usually pretty easy to tell when springs are broken.






  1. Turn the chair upside down so that the bottom of the chair is exposed. Loosen the screws that hold together the chair frame, which should release the chair itself from the chair pan, which is a wooden box that contains the springs.
  2. Place the chair pan upside down and remove the upholstery staples that hold the fabric to the pan. We recommend using a staple remover to do this to avoid injuring yourself or breaking the chair. 
  3. Remove the upholstery fabric from the chair to reveal the springs underneath. It should be obvious which spring has broken, but you can also replace all of them if you’d prefer. 
  4. Pry off the metal bracket with a screwdriver, use a staple remover or a set of pliers to remove the large staple. 
  5. Bend the bracket back into shape with pliers so that it resembles the other brackets, it should have two flat wings on it. Drill a hole through each of the wings.
  6. Look at the other brackets for reference, then hook the curved end of the new spring through the hole.
  7. Hook a C-Clamp onto the spring and the end with the handle on the outside of the chair pan frame.
  8. Tighten the C-Clamp until the spring is stretched out from side to side and the bracket is touching the side of the frame, then drill wood screws into the holes to secure the bracket. 
  9. Stretch the fabric back over the chair pan, and use upholstery staples to secure the fabric in place.
  10. Place the pan back into the frame, then screw the original screws into the holes in the frame to put everything back together. 




  1. Remove any of the cushions on the sofa and turn it upside down. Using pliers, remove the fabric that covers the bottom of the sofa. You may have to cut the fabric to get to the springs, if this is the case then make sure to cut from the edges so the fabric can be reused.
  2. See if there are any springs that have come loose or have bent or broken. If the springs have come loose, then it’s just a case of tying the cord tighter to ensure they’re in line with all the others. 
  3. If the springs need replacing, then remove them from the side hooks and take them out. 
  4. Replace the springs with the new ones, ensuring to take your time and use a C-Clamp to ensure they are stretched correctly. 
  5. Use pliers to ensure that the attachment clips are tight against the sofa frame. 
  6. Reattach the fabric to your sofa using upholstery staples.

When replacing springs ensure that you are taking all necessary safety precautions before you begin fixing your chair springs, such as safety goggles and gloves. It’s always best to ensure there is someone to help you, as turning sofas upside down is a strenuous task. 

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