Curtain Tracks & Curtain Poles

There are many things to consider when working out the position of your curtain track or pole:

• The curtain pole looks better if the bottom of the pole is 3-6” above the window; do not include the finials (decorative ends).

• The curtain track should be a minimum of 3" above window but can be higher if you have the space.

• The curtain pole or track length would be best protruding approximately 4-6” longer on either side of the window frame which gives more light when curtains are open. This measurement can increase pro-rata to the size of the window, if you have the space.

• The leading edge is the two inside edges of the curtains that when you close the curtains they meet.  If using tie backs ensure you allow the drop of the curtain to be sufficiently long enough so that the leading edge of the curtain does not come up past the window cill.

• In some situations you may have no option but to do ceiling fixing (try to get a fixing on a ceiling joist), for example;

-   Window frame going to the ceiling.

-   No flat surface on window frame.

-   PVC windows.

-  There is nowhere to get a good strong fixing on the wall, for example new houses, studded walls.