Upholstery Nails & Tacks

Before you begin your upholstery project it is always important to consider whether you need any upholstery supplies along with your upholstery fabric to help you complete the upholstery project. In our fabric warehouse we stock a number of upholstery supplies that can help you complete your upholstery project. We offer a range of upholstery nails and tacks suitable for different upholstery projects.

Decorative Nails

Our decorative nails are designed to go around the edge of furniture to complete the piece of furniture. They're a good way of securing fabric whilst creating an appealing edging to the furniture. They're not necessary but do help finish the look. You could use them instead of braiding or piping. We have a variety of colours available including French natural, bronze renaissance, pewter, matt and silver. This allows you to match or complement the nails to your fabric, furniture or decor.

Gimp Pins

Gimp pins are small tacks used for securing your fabric to your furniture or can be used for tacking in braid or piping cord. We sell them in a variety of colours which is ideal for allowing you to discretely hide the tacks.


Tacks are designed for securing your fabric to your furniture. We offer improved or fine tacks in a variety of sizes which allows you to pick a size the is suitable for the thickness of fabric or furniture you are tacking it to.

You can buy our upholstery nails and tacks online and in store from our fabric warehouse in Northamptonshire.