Tips For Restoring Upholstery - Tools And Fabric Advice

Tips For Restoring Upholstery - Tools And Fabric Advice

Do you have some furniture or other upholstery items that you are looking to restore to its original condition?

You might be restoring faded upholstery, learning how to repair sofa cushions or other upholstery damaged by pets, or upcycling an older piece of furniture back to its former glory. Whether you lack confidence or the knowledge of where to access help, you’ve come to the right place.

In this blog, you will get to know the necessities and tips to restore your upholstery correctly; from tools to fabric, to upkeep.



One of the most critical factors to being able to restore your upholstery correctly is to have the correct upholstery tools and other upholstery supplies. Having the proper tools for the desired job is vital because each separate tool is made for a specific use. If you’re a beginner, here are the essential tools every upholsterer should have in their home.

When you begin a project, ensure you have all of the correct supplies you will need. This allows you to complete a project without having to wait for upholstery supplies to be ordered and delivered to finish the project at hand.

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When restoring your upholstery item, use high-quality fabrics and other more durable materials, so that you can get the most use out of the item. Higher-quality fabrics hold greater properties to them, which aids the task of restoration. For example, when you are stretching the fabric over the item you are restoring, there is less risk as the high-quality fabric has less of a tendency to rip when being stretched.

With the hard work that has to be put in for any restoration project, to place a low-quality fabric on the piece would not do the restoration justice. Not only this, but the fabric would be more prone to damage and would not last as well, meaning you would require another restoration in the future.

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Upholstery restoration


Some restoration projects may need the aid of a professional for specialist tasks or a critical part of your restoration projects, such as the foundation and the finishing.

For on-the-go advice, use online forums to connect with professional and hard-core hobbyists such as The Upholstery Forum, or the r/newagain Reddit community.

For one-of-a-kind pieces, seeking a professional when you are stuck on an item can be essential where you only have one chance to get it perfect. A professional should provide reliable support for the restoration, as well as giving you the background knowledge necessary for the task. Advice such as this means the next time you run up against the same problem; you’ll know what to do.

Our professional upholstery and fabric experts have decades of experience and are available to provide support for your project. Contact them here.



Basic guides or how to’s are widely available on the internet and are accessible to all. You can completely follow these guides if you are not confident or knowledgeable about what you need to do. Alternatively, you can use them to expand your knowledge and use it as a rough guideline to keep you on track, while exploring your own creativity.

Guides are great and easy to fall back on, as they break down each step to allow for a greater understanding of what to do. They can also provide a way of learning skills to improve your upholstery restoration skills.

For example, please take a look at our guide on how to shape upholstery foam: HOW TO CUT & SHAPE UPHOLSTERY FOAM FOR CURVED PROJECTS



Correctly caring for your upholstery will extend its lifespan and keep it looking like new.

Clean your upholstery

You can better care for your upholstery by regularly cleaning it. Brush and vacuum at least once a week. Clean spills and marks straight away with an appropriate upholstery cleaner as well. Regular care will greatly help in keeping the upholstery clean by removing dirt and stopping any dirt from penetrating the fabric.

Prevent faded fabric

Another way to care for your upholstery is to avoid any sunlight. Too much direct sunlight to any upholstery can cause fading in the colours or patterns and possibly even cause the fabric to fray.


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