Eyelet curtains are a modern style of heading. If you are making your own eyelet curtains then you may want to look at our eyelet tape and eyelet rings that work with one another to create eyelet headings. The rings come in a number of colours to fit in with your interiors and fabric.

Take a look at our instructions below on how to use this tape.



• Take measurement from ‘top’ of pole to required drop plus 1” (2.5cm) which is above the ring, plus top and bottom hems, (approx. 8”) (20cm)

• Width of the curtains. You wild need approx. double fullness. Note: Unlike most heading tapes where the tape is cut to fit the final curtain width, the curtain must be adjusted in width to fit the eyelet tape. The tape must be used with an even amount of rings, i.e. 4-6-8-10 etc. and you must start and finish with a plastic tag facing outward at either end. The tags will later be joined together to form pleats in your curtains. Join widths as required, and adjust accordingly to fit the tape, make up curtain as normal. Now sew the tape to the back of the curtain with the plastic tags showing.

• Draw a pencil line circle inside the eyelet rings. Using small sharp scissors or snippers cut out the material, and any lining, from the inside of the drawn circles. If the curtain has been interlined you may need to snip this away further than the lining and fabric.

• Turn the curtain to the front side. Position your choice of eyelet ring over the hole keeping the fabric as smooth as possible. Press down on the ring until it locks into place – applying even pressure. If there is any difficulty, e.g. the positioning is not right: the ring can be removed by levering it off careful using a blunt utensil.

• When all rings are in place pair up and fasten the plastic tags on the back of the tape and slide it onto the pole.