Fabric Samples

We offer a fabric sample service, so you can check the colour, shade and texture of the fabric are correct before purchasing.

Please be aware we slit our fabric samples so they are not useable for crafts or patchwork but are perfect for getting an idea of the colour, texture and weight of the fabric.

Please be sure to use this service if you are not familiar with the fabric or if an exact shade of the fabric is important to you.

We do our best to photograph the fabrics as well as possible.  Unfortunately, colour representation on screen can vary from the actual fabric; it can change depending on what sort of screen you are looking at it on, also colours can sometimes be difficult to get just right.

We offer a maximum of 4 samples but should you require mores please email us directly.

How To Order Samples

How to order a sample

  • Once you have found a fabric you like- click the mauve tab 'Order sample' on the bottom right.
  • You will be directed to you 'Sample Request List'.
  • If you would like to look for more samples then click 'Continue Looking For More Samples' and this will take you back to the home page to find more fabrics.
  • When you are ready to order the ones in your Sample Request List click 'Order Samples Now'.
  • Fill in your details and click order.
  • This will send us your request which we shall despatch out to you which we endeavour to do within 2 working days.

Whilst we are more than happy to send you fabric samples to aid your purchase please consider that the fabric samples and postage all cost money.

Fabric samples Fabric samples Fabric samples