Fabric Information

Woven fabrics have been in existence for thousands of years.  Although technology has improved the variations, style and colour of fabric available, the basic principles are still the same. We could go on and on with technical information about fabric so we have tried to summarise it here into the relevant category.

Furnishing fabrics fall mainly into two main categories, curtaining and upholstery.
Curtain fabrics are used to dress windows, make cushions, throws, and sometimes can be used for craft and light upholstery.
Upholstery fabrics are used to cover furniture as they are generally more robust but have the advantage that they can also be used for curtains and other soft furnishings. Fabrics for upholstery need to comply with the ‘Furniture & Furnishing Fire safety regulations’ OR a fire retardant barrier cloth, which we sell, may be used.  Our classifications of upholstery are:-

Light domestic use: which will probably be an armchair that is not used every single day.

Moderate domestic use; is for normal daily use in most households.

Heavy domestic use: is a very durable fabric that should last for many years.

Please refer to your upholsterer for any advice regarding fire retardancy for upholstery fabrics.

Fabric Widths

Fabrics can come in many widths from 48” (122 cms) to 110" (280cms)  We list the width of each fabric on our website so please check the individual fabric information before you make a purchase.

Pattern repeat

The pattern repeat of a fabric is the frequency of the pattern repeating itself vertically up the fabric and is an important factor, if you are joining widths together to make curtains or upholstery. To obtain the pattern repeat place a tape or rule along the length of the fabric starting at any point, being zero.  The next time that the same part of the pattern shows along the tape is the length of the repeat. Obviously plain fabric and most striped fabrics will not have a repeat.  We always state the pattern repeat.  We cannot offer any advice on how many metres you will require, as everyone has their own method of calculating the quantity required so we recommend checking with your curtain maker or upholsterer. Please allow approximately 5% shrinkage tolerance when calculating your meterage to allow for dry cleaning.

Fabric Colour

We try very hard to represent the best possible colour with our photographs but some colours can be more difficult than others. Also, colours will looks different from one computer screen to another so if you are not sure, please ask for a fabric sample before purchasing.

Fabric Care

Small orders may come to you folded. We recommend that you unwrap it immediately, firstly to check that you have received your order correctly, also to allow any creases in the fabric to fall out. If you wish to wash your fabric, we recommend all our fabrics are dry cleaned.