Types Of Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds are window treatments made of fabric that can be inside the window recess or just above it.   They can be made in different ways for different visual effects and practicality. Depending what style of roman blind you … Continue reading

Different Types Of Curtain Headings

There are a number of different headings you can have on curtains.  Each give a different look and feel to the curtains and room.  There is not a right or wrong curtain heading to choose but certain headings will work … Continue reading

What Is Ticking Fabric?

Ticking is a close weave fabric with a distinctive stripe.  It is normally white or cream with a bold coloured stripe like black, red or blue   Usually ticking is made from 100% cotton but sometimes can be made from … Continue reading

Big Curtains

Long curtains scream opulence. They create magnificent eye catching pieces within a room and if made in the right fabric can be wonderful statement pieces.  We do not all have the option to have luxuriously long curtains but that does … Continue reading

How To Use Eyelet Tape

Eyelet curtains are a modern style of heading.  If you are making your own eyelet curtains then you may want to look at our eyelet tape and eyelet rings that work with one another to create eyelet headings.  The rings … Continue reading

Coastal Decor

Nautical stripes and beautiful blue hues can bring the air of the seaside swimming straight into a room.  Coastal decor has a carefree feel to it, adorning any room with its fresh and relaxed vibe.   There is a somewhat … Continue reading

How To Clean Your Curtains?

There are a number of ways you can clean curtains and the best method to use will depend on what curtains you have and what fabrics they are made from. No matter what curtains you have, one of the most … Continue reading

How Often Should You Clean Your Curtains?

It is often easy to overlook the care of curtains with many people completely neglecting the washing of them for months or years due to either being unsure of how to clean them or not realising they actually should be … Continue reading

Fabric Samples

We offer free fabric samples of all our cut length fabrics.  When we list fabrics online we try our best to ensure the colour on screen is as close to the real thing as possible, however, this can vary from … Continue reading

Julie Fernandez

Julie Fernandez is an actress, presenter and documentary maker who has worked in the media industry for 25 years.  At 18 she was offered her first professional full-time role as Nessa in BBC’s Eldorado and went on the be part … Continue reading