Upholstery Webbing & Upholstery Zips

Before you begin your upholstery project it is always important to consider whether you need any webbing or zips along with your upholstery fabric to help you complete the upholstery project.


Webbing is normally used on chairs, sofas and footstools and is criss crossed over the furniture to form a foundation layer where the cushions can be placed on top. Webbing is designed to be flexible to provide a comfortable piece of furniture but strong enough to endure weight. We stock three different types of webbing; Pirelli webbing, black and white webbing and jute webbing. Jute webbing has historically been the most common type of webbing, used for many years, as it is a natural fibre so before the production of synthetic webbings, this was all that was used. However, over recent years this consumption is moving to synthetic webbings. Upholstery springs are often used when using jute webbing to provide support and comfort. In contrast Pirelli webbing (which is a rubber webbing) does not require the use of coil springs due to the inherent strength and elasticity of rubber. This makes it increasingly popular for the manufacturer of furniture across Europe with most furniture manufacturers choosing a rubber webbing like Pirelli webbing as their webbing of choice. Black and white webbing is similar to jute webbing but as it is made of synthetic fibres, it is not susceptible to water damage and losing strength due to rotting.


Our zips are open ended zips and are sold by the metre. This allows you to cut them to the perfect size that fits your cushion. We sell both lightweight zips and medium weight zips. We would recommend our lightweight zips for scatted cushions and are medium weight zips for heavier duty cushions.

Our webbings and zips are available both online and in store from our fabric warehouse in Northamptonshire.