Upholstery Rub Tests

The durability of a fabric is determined by its martindale rub test, also known as rub test, which tests for a fabrics abrasion resistance.  If you are using your fabric for upholstery, it is important to pick a fabric that is durable and will last.  Depending on the piece of furniture the fabric is being used on will depend how durable it needs to be.  Below we have described in further detail what rub test results mean and what you should look at for different pieces of furniture and usages. 

Reb tests are given as a score of 1000’s of rubs.  If we know the rub test of a fabric we will state it in the description of the fabric. 

Less than 10,000 rubs are recommended for decorative uses only like cushions or furniture that is not used.  

10,000 - 20,000 rubs are recommended for light domestic use so furniture that is only occasionally used or for short periods, so bedroom furniture, dining room chairs etc.  We would signify this on our website with a dining chair symbol underneath the fabric and state light upholstery use on the decription. 

20,000+ is suitable for domestic use upholstery so furniture in the home that is used everyday like armchairs and sofas.  We would signify this on the website with an armchair symbol underneath the fabric and state general upholstery in the description. 

30,000+ rubs are suitable for commercial use upholstery.  This would be furniture in any public building that gets a lot of usage.  With commercial use furniture, the higher the rub test the better as you will get the longevity out of it.