Fuse-A-Web - 1 Metre Piece

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18" / 45cm

Fabric Weight:
Light (100g - 300g)


This is the easy and clean way to affix fabric to fabric in appliqué and craft work. It is used the same way as hemming web but has the advantage of being 18" (45cm) wide, making it suitable for bonding larger items. It also works as a hemming web when cut into strips. The web is paper backed and the only tools required are scissors and a hot iron.

Directions of use:

Make sure the iron is set to the correct temperature for your fabric. If you are unsure, do a test piece first. Mark out on the paper side the rough size of the item to be bonded. Place the web side on the reverse of the item and iron the paper with a dry heat. Now trim away the surplus web and paper around the item. Peel off the paper and place the object to be bonded, coated side down onto the fabric in the required position. Cover with a damp cloth and iron on bit by bit over your object keeping the heat on for usually no more than 10 seconds. To finish, allow the parts to cool down completely.

This fuse-a-web is perfect for craft projects. This Fuse-A-Web is for sale in one metre pieces. If you buy more than one metre it will be sent in separate lengths.

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