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Toile Fabric

Toile fabrics have a fantastic traditional French feel to them and bring a classical and interesting aura into a room. They work well in shabby chic bedrooms, rustic country kitchens or airy bathrooms.Toile is a fabric, from the French word meaning "linen cloth" or "canvas", particularly cloth or canvas for painting on. Toile Du Jouy is a type of pattern depicting complex scenes of pastoral themes. Toiles, as Toile Du Jouy is often shortened to, are usually set on white or off white backgrounds with the scene being of a single colour. Toiles are most often associated with fabrics but can also be found on wallpapers, teapots, bedding, clothes etc. Recently toiles have been popular themes for weddings, being used in the dresses, ties and table settings. Toiles were originally produced in the mid 18th Century and quickly became popular in Britain and France.

We always recommend that you dry clean our toile fabrics at a specialist dry cleaners unless stated otherwise on our website.

All our new toile fabrics online and in store from our fabric warehouse in Northamptonshire.