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Linwood Baird Dobby Weave LF1154FR/007 Maize fabric.

Linwood Baird Dobby Weave Fabric*

LF1154FR/007 Maize

Linwood Haryana Linen LF1703C/001 Jaipur fabric.

Linwood Haryana Linen Fabric*

LF1703C/001 Jaipur

Linwood Elgin Channel Weave LF1020C Candy fabric.

Linwood Elgin Channel Weave Fabric*

LF1020C Candy

Linwood Fabricvs Zeus Red LF1928-07

Linwood Fabrics Zeus 6 mt Roll End*

Red LF1928C-07

Linwood Fabrics Beachcomber Bressay LF1518FR/16

Linwood Fabrics Beachcomber 1.4 mt Roll End*

Bressay LF1518FR/016

Linwood Fabrics Beachcomber Lady Isle LF1518FR/4

Linwood Fabrics Beachcomber 3.8 mt Roll End*

Lady Isle LF1518FR/004

Linwood Fabrics Beachcomber Flannan LF1518FR/2

Linwood Fabrics Beachcomber 1.2 mt Roll End*

Flannan LF1518FR/002

Linwood Fabrics Pagoda Graphite LF1970C-003

Linwood Fabrics Pagoda 2.4 mt Roll End*

Graphite LF1970C-03

Linwood Fabrics Belmont Tantallion LF1928FR/006

Linwood Fabrics Belmont Check 2.3 mt Roll End*

Tantallion LF1928FR/006

Linwood Fabrics Samphrey Penbroke LF1927FR-01

Linwood Fabrics Samphrey 2.4 mt Roll End*

Penbroke LF1927FR-01

Linwood Fabrics Samphrey Belmont LF1927FR-05

Linwood Fabrics Samphrey 3.4 mt Roll End*

Belmont LF1927FR-05

Linwood Fabrics Roxburgh Rothesay LF1925FR-01

Linwood Fabrics Ronas Hill 3.5 mt Roll End*

Rothesay LF1926FR-01

Linwood New Haven Fabric*

Linwood New Haven Fabric*

LF1030C-02 Terracotta

Abraham Moon Fabric Kilnsey Rhodolite U1438-D08

Abraham Moon Fabric Kilnsey 5.1 mt Roll End*

Rhodolite U1438-D08


Items 1 to 24 of 81 total

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Linwood Fabrics

Linwood Fabrics are a family run company who design and manufacture fabrics and wall coverings. They have a traditional English look but always look to produce new and unique designs to their fabrics and wall coverings. They work with the finest printers and weavers across Britain and Europe to produce exceptional quality fabrics and interiors. Their fabrics are of exceptional quality, creating fabulous curtains and pieces of furniture that would adorn any room. Besides the quality, their fabrics are unique and interesting to create captivating pieces.

We offer a Made To Measure service on our Linwood curtain fabrics. If you would like to know more about our Made To Measure curtains please contact us.