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Sanderson Fabric

Sanderson is one of the oldest surviving English soft furnishing brands dating back to 1860. It is renowned for its unique style that combines classic, hand-drawn patterns with fresh, vibrant colours that are elegant yet easy to live with. Sanderson belongs in family homes where style matters but not at the expense of comfort. Arthur Sanderson created the brand in Islington, London where he bagged importing luxury French wallpapers. The company quickly grew over the following years with three of Arthurs sons joining the family business. By 1899, Sanderson had the largest wallpaper showroom in London and the company was exporting to the British colonies and the USA. In 1919, fabrics were introduced to their product repertoire. In 1940 Sanderson bought the design archives and existing wallpaper stock of the equally renowned brand, Morris & Co, which had gone into voluntary liquidation and they still remain under the umbrella of Sanderson.

We always recommend that you dry clean our Sanderson fabrics at a specialist dry cleaners unless stated otherwise.

All our Sanderson fabrics are available both online and in store from our fabric warehouse in Northamptonshire.