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Romo Odette Jacquard Woven 7782/05 Gris fabric.

Romo Odette Woven Jacquard*

7782/05 Gris

Romo Nesma Woven Jacquard Weave 7815/06 Buxton Blue fabric.

Romo Nesma Woven Jacquard Fabric*

7815-6 Buxton Blue

Romo Black Edition Kansai Velvet 9003-3 Peacock fabric.

Romo Fabrics Kansai Velvet Fabric*

9003-3 Black Edition Peacock

Romo Enna Chenille 9043-05 Agate fabric.

Romo Enna Chenille Fabric*

9043-05 Agate

Romo Fabrics Lyndon Chinchilla RF7785-1

Romo Fabrics Lyndon 1.8 mt Roll End*

Chinchilla RF7785-1

Romo Fabrics Cocota Cumin RF7760-1

Romo Fabrics Cocota 3.2 mt Roll End*

Cummin RF7760-1

Romo Black Editions Fabric Kansai Velvet Buxton Blue 9003-3

Romo Fabrics Kansai Velvet 5.5 mt Roll End*

Black Edition Peacock 9003-3

Romo Lyndon Stripe Willow fabric.

Romo Lyndon Stripe Fabric*

7785-04 Willow

Romo Lyndon Stripe Bilberry fabric.

Romo Lyndon Stripe Fabric*

7785-02 Bilberry

Romo Fabrics Belford Doeskin RF7783-01

Romo Fabrics Belford 2.7 mt Roll End*

Doe Skin RF7783-01

Romo Fabric Lyndon Clay RF7785-06

Romo Lyndon Fabric 4.0 mt Roll End*

Clay RF7785-06

Romo Linara Boysenberry fabric.

Romo Linara Fabric*


Romo Linara Muscari fabric.

Romo Linara Fabric*


Romo Linara Canary fabric.

Romo Linara Fabric*


Romo Linara Iris fabric.

Romo Linara Fabric*


Romo Corolla dahlia fabric

Romo Corolla fabric*


Romo Kelso Fabric 7779-02 Artic Grey

Romo Kelso Fabric 13.4 mt Roll End*

7779-02 Artic Grey


20 Item(s)

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Romo Fabric

The Romo group is a family run soft furnishings business that was founded in 1902. They are famous for their diverse range of fabrics, wall coverings, trimmings and accessories. Romo is a global leader in the textiles industry with international recognition in over 70 companies.

We always recommend that you dry clean our Romo fabrics at a specialist dry cleaners unless stated otherwise.

You can bbuy our Romo fabrics online and in store from our fabric warehouse in Northamptonshire.