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Linwood Chenille LF0813FR/002 Tapir fabric.

Linwood Chenille Fabric*

LF0813FR/002 Tapir

Linwood Curtain & Upholstery Fabrics Zeus Dove Grey LF1928-10

Linwood Fabrics Zeus 2.3 mt Roll End*

Dove Grey LF1928C-010

Linwood Curtain & Upholstery Fabrics Marlborough Midnight LF1618C-10

Linwood Fabrics Whitton 3.7 mt Roll End*

Whitton LF1618C-10

Linwood Curtain & Upholstery Fabrics Lana Wool Cedar LF1921FR-9

Linwood Fabrics Lana 7.1 mt Roll End*

Cedar Wool LF1921FR/9

Linwood Curtain & Upholstery Fabrics Kitsune LF1930C-3 Duck Egg

Linwood Fabrics Kitsune 2.1 mt Roll End*

Duck Egg LF1930C-3

Linwood Labyrinth Velvet LF1924C-001 Gold fabric.

Linwood Labyrinth Velvet Fabric*

LF1924C-001 Gold

Linwood Lana Wool Fabric*

Linwood Lana Wool Fabric*

LF1921FR-17 Jasper

Linwood Lana Wool LF1921FR-32 Sage fabric.

Linwood Lana Wool Fabric*

LF1921FR-32 Sage

Linwood Sherbrooke Woven Stripe LF1572C/003 Cedar fabric.

Linwood Sherbrooke Woven Stripe Fabric*

LF1572C/003 Cedar

Linwood Fabrics Beachcomber Weavers Point LF1518FR/8

Linwood Fabrics Beachcomber 1.0 mt Roll End*

Weavers Point LF1518FR/8

Linwood Baird Dobby Weave LF1154FR/007 Maize fabric.

Linwood Baird Dobby Weave Fabric*

LF1154FR/007 Maize

Linwood Haryana Linen LF1703C/001 Jaipur fabric.

Linwood Haryana Linen Fabric*

LF1703C/001 Jaipur

Linwood Elgin Channel Weave LF1020C Candy fabric.

Linwood Elgin Channel Weave Fabric*

LF1020C Candy

Linwood Fabricvs Zeus Red LF1928-07

Linwood Fabrics Zeus 6 mt Roll End*

Red LF1928C-07

Linwood Fabrics Beachcomber Flannan LF1518FR/2

Linwood Fabrics Beachcomber 1.2 mt Roll End*

Flannan LF1518FR/002

Linwood Fabrics Samphrey Penbroke LF1927FR-01

Linwood Fabrics Samphrey 2.4 mt Roll End*

Penbroke LF1927FR-01

Linwood Fabrics Samphrey Belmont LF1927FR-05

Linwood Fabrics Samphrey 3.4 mt Roll End*

Belmont LF1927FR-05


Items 1 to 24 of 71 total

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Linwood Fabric

Linwood is a family soft furnishing company thats was established in 1994, based in the South of England. They aim to combine beauty, quality and practicality into their classic and contemporary fabric and wallpaper designs. Their inspiration comes from textile archives, museums and the natural world. They manufacturer the majority of their fabrics and wallpapers in Britain, with the rest being woven in Europe by family run mills.

We always recommend that you dry clean our Linwood fabrics at a specialist dry cleaners unless stated otherwise.

You can buy our Linwood fabrics both online and in store from our fabric warehouse in Northamptonshire.