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Larsen Chandler Embroidered Fabric Scarlet Red

Larsen Chandler Embroidered Fabric*

L8947-03 Scarlet Red

Larsen Riverside Embroidered Silver Fabric

Larsen Riverside Embroidered Fabric*

L8920-03 Silver

Larsen Edison Embroidered Silk Fabric Taupe

Larsen Edison Embroidered Silk Fabric*

L8966-01 Taupe

Larsen Fabrics Oki Ice Blue L8889-3

Larsen Fabric Oki 4.0 mts Roll End*

Ice Blue L8889-3

Larsen Fabrics Oki Mother of Pearl L8889-1

Larsen Fabrics Oki 4.0 mts Roll End*

Mother of Pearl L8889-1

Larsen Paramount Damask L8946-04 Sand fabric.

Larsen Paramount Damask Fabric*

L8946-04 Sand

Larsen Dallas fabric

Larsen Dallas Weave Fabric*

Copper L8921/02

Larsen Delridge L8976-11 Duck Egg fabric

Larsen Delridge Chenille Fabric *

L8976-11 Duck Egg


9 Item(s)

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Larsen Fabric

Larsen is a top designer fabric brand that was founded in 1952 and is now under guidance of the top British fabric company, Colefax & Fowler. We sell end of line clearance pieces by the metre from Larsen as well as roll ends which are fantastic value for money.

We always recommend that you dry clean our Larsen fabrics at a specialist dry cleaners.

You can buy our Larsen fabrics online and in store from our fabric warehouse in Northamptonshire.