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Colefax & Fowler Kalmar Teal Blue Embroidery Roll End

Colefax & Fowler Kalmar 3 mt Roll End*

F4324-1 Teal Blue

Colefax & Fowler Augusta Red Green Embroidery Roll End

Colefax & Fowler Augusta 2.5 mt Roll End*

Red Green F4209-2

Ingram Beige Jacquard Woven Fabric

Colefax and Fowler Ingram *


Colefax & Fowler Clarissa Mauve Green F1044-3

Colefax & Fowler Clarissa 6.8 mt Roll End*

F1044-3 Mauve Green

Colefax & Fowler Colmar Linen F3234/04 Tomato / Sand fabric.

Colefax & Fowler Colmar Linen Fabric*

F3234/04 Tomato / Sand


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Colefax & Fowler Fabric

Colefax & Fowler is a well-known English fabric company, having a significant impact on British decorating; codifying what is known as the ‘English Country-house look’. The company began in the first half of the 20th century and saw a number of changes of partners and names as it grew, currently known as Colefax & Fowler, named after the husband and wife that owned it. Colefax & Fowler is now part of the Colefax Group Plc.

We always recommend that you dry clean our Colefax & Fowler fabrics at a specialist dry cleaners.

You can buy our Colefax & Fowler fabrics online and in store from our fabric warehouse in Northamptonshire.