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Romo Fabrics Linara Basil RF2494-186

Romo Fabrics Linara 6.0 mt Roll End*

Basil RF2494-186

Romo Fabrics Cubis Stone RF7744-02

Romo Fabrics Cubis 4.5 mt Roll End*

Stone RF7744-02

Romo Fabrics Sarandi Lazuli RF7537-05

Romo Fabrics Sarandi 1.9 mt Roll End*

Lazuli RF7537-05

Romo Fabrics Belford Willow RF7783-03

Romo Fabrics Belford 1.9 mt Roll End*

Willow RF7783-03

Romo Fabrics Belford Doeskin RF7783-01

Romo Fabrics Belford 2.7 mt Roll End*

Doe Skin RF7783-01

Romo Fabric Lyndon Clay RF7785-06

Romo Lyndon Fabric 4.0 mt Roll End*

Clay RF7785-06

Romo Fabrics Ayrn Egret RF7816-01

Romo Aryn Fabric 2.3 mt Roll End*

Eygret RF7816-01

Romo Nahli Fabric Charcoal RF7811-05

Romo Nahli Fabric 3.6 mt Roll End*

Charcoal RF7811-05

Romo Linara Boysenberry fabric.

Romo Linara Fabric*


Romo Linara Muscari fabric.

Romo Linara Fabric*


Romo Linara Canary fabric.

Romo Linara Fabric*


Romo Linara Iris fabric.

Romo Linara Fabric*


Romo Corolla dahlia fabric

Romo Corolla fabric*



15 Item(s)

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Romo Fabric

We always recommend that you dry clean our Romo fabrics at a specialist dry cleaners unless stated otherwise.

All our Romo fabrics are available both online and in store from our fabric warehouse in Northamptonshire.