We stock a number of top quality cushion pads in our fabric warehouse. We also sell both polyester cushion pads and feather cushion pads in a range of different shapes and sizes including square cushion pads, bolsters cushion pads and round cushion pads. As well as cushion pads we sell a range of different sized pieces of upholstery foam.

Before you begin your upholstery project it is always important to consider whether you need any upholstery supplies along with your upholstery fabric to help you complete the upholstery project. In our fabric warehouse we stock a number of upholstery supplies that can help you complete your upholstery project including cushion pads, upholstery foam, flame proof barrier cloth, upholstery webbing and zips and upholstery nails and tacks.

All our cushions and cushion pads are available both online and in store from our fabric warehouse in Northamptonshire.