Curtain Measuring Guide

It is important to measure your windows correctly to work out how much fabric you need for curtains.  Use our measuring guide and watch our instructional video below to help you measure your window.  Once you have measured up, you can either use this to order made to measure curtains on or website or use the measurements to work out how much cut length fabric you will need using our curtain calculation guide.  You can also let your curtain maker know the measurements and they can work out how much you will need or if you are making them yourself and are unsure, feel free to contact our customer service team and they can also help work it out for you.  We always recommend checking with the person doing the work where possible as we all work differently and we wouldn't want to over or under quote you. 

How To Measure

Have your pole or track up BEFORE you take any measurements.


Length of pole or track should be 10-35cm over sides of window. Height of pole or track should be approximately 5-20cm above the window.

How to measure curtains


If using a pole, measure the width of pole not including the finials (decorative ends). 

How to measure pole

If using a rail, measure length of rail including any overlap.


The type of heading will determine where you start measuring from;

Track:  Measure from top of track.

Eyelet: Measure from the top of the pole.

Pencil & Pinch Pleat Pole: Measure from the eye - the small metal ring at bottom of each curtain ring. 

Measuring pole for curtains


Measure to where you want your curtains to finish. 

Sill length (A): Typically 0.5cm above sill.

Below sill (B): 15-20cm below sill or 2cm above a radiator.

Floor length (C): Measure 1cm above floor or just touching.

Kicked (D): Measure 2/3cm on the floor.

Puddled (E): Allow 15-30cm on the floor.   

Measuring length for curtains


You may need to measure the diameter of the pole you intend to use to determine the diameter of the eyelet required. The eyelet should be a minimum of 10mm larger than the pole diameter.