Curtain Lining & Other Accessories

When you are looking for fabric or other textile accessories for your project, be it making curtains or roman blinds, it is useful to consider whether you need any accessories to complete your project. At The Millshop we offer lining fabric and heading tape for curtains and blinds. It can be a bit daunting on what curtain lining to choose or what heading to have on your curtains and what accessories you will need. Our fabric blog is full of blogs to help with these sort of queries like our Different Types Of Curtain Headings blog or What Curtain Lining To Choose blog.

Curtain Lining

Sateen is a very good quality curtain lining that is recognizable by the face side is glossy and the back is dull. There is not much difference between sateen and satin curtain lining but sateen is usually a good weight for lining soft furnishings and satin is a heavier weight to be used as curtains etc. The manufacturing difference is the technique used of broken twill weaving in either the warp or weft system. If the floats are woven parallel to the selvedge (edge of the fabric) it is called satin. If the floats are woven perpendicular, it is called sateen. 

If you still struggle to understand the difference between satin and sateen then a curtain fabric outlet will provide you with the information you require, they will also provide additional information on other fabric linings such as thermal curtain lining. If you want to visit our showroom to get even more information then you can find our address here.


Calico has the same properties as ticking but it is made with unbleached and often not fully processed cotton giving the appearance of being natural sometimes the cotton pods are visible which is a distinguished design look.

All our curtain lining, curtain tapes, blind tapes and upholstery supplies are available both online and in store from our fabric warehouse in Northamptonshire.