Why Line Your Curtains This Winter?

Suffering from The Cold, Here Are Ways To Help.

Many people see curtains as just a convenient way for you to get some privacy. However, they do much more than just shut the world out! Millions of us depend on curtains of all shapes and sizes for warmth and comfort. Curtain lining can help keep out annoying winter draughts and can lead to surprisingly large energy-saving benefits.

There are lots of ways to prepare your home for winter, like using blackout curtains or a thermal curtain system. Here’s our quick guide on why you should be lining your curtains as a priority this winter.

Keep in the Heat

Believe it or not, even when you have your windows shut and secured, you could still be allowing plenty of cold air into your rooms. Draughts have a habit of getting in through nooks and crannies that can’t be spotted. For that reason, you should think about lining your curtains to help keep in the heat. Curtain lining is an affordable solution that insulates your home when compared to more expensive double glazed windows.

Curtain lining fabric in various styles and materials can be used to create an extra barrier between you and the outside cold. Essentially, you’re adding an extra layer of thickness to your curtains for that little bit more insulation. This really makes a lot of sense for a cold season like the middle of winter where you are already struggling to keep warm. You may even want to invest in special thermal curtain fabric to really keep out the cold.

Shut Out the Light

Blackout curtains have long been the best choice for people who struggle with too much daylight seeping into their room. Sometimes, daylight can affect our sleeping hours, especially during the summer months. Another benefit of blackout curtains is they can remove a lot of glare off from your various screens and devices. You may also want to go blackout if you want extra privacy.

You can buy blackout curtains outright, but it might be quicker and cheaper for you just to line your existing curtains! You can purchase affordable blackout curtain lining to upgrade your existing curtains into a super-dark, super-private system.

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Save Yourself Energy

If you’re sick and tired of having to play catchup with your energy bills, it’s time to think about lining your curtains. Curtain lining is a smart energy-saving measure. That’s because you will likely spend less on heating bills in the long run! By lining curtains, you will bring your home extra warmth without having to crank up your radiators every five minutes.

That’s why we think lining your curtains is a measure that really pays for itself very quickly. To save energy and money, you should insulate and upholsterer your fabrics and home as much as you possibly can. The best choice to start with is a high-quality curtain lining. 

Making the Right Choice

There are many different curtain lining fabrics out there. So, make sure you choose a fabric that’s a good match for your existing curtains, and that you can cut to the right lengths. In no time you’ll be feeling warmer, more private, and you’ll also be saving a bit of money this winter too. 

So, in summary, there are many reasons to line your curtains this winter, but if you are still unsure or if you require bespoke options not available in the online ordering process, our Made to Measure and Customer Services Teams are ready to answer any questions or offer advice. You can fill our online form out or ring our number 01604 875062.

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