What Is Ticking Fabric?

Ticking is a close weave fabric with a distinctive stripe.  It is normally white or cream with a bold coloured stripe like black, red or blue   Usually ticking is made from 100% cotton but sometimes can be made from polyester and cotton mixes, or linen mixes.  Ticking was traditionally used for mattresses however in more recent years has become popularly used in soft furnishings.  It can be used as an upholstery fabric for creating refreshing furniture like armchairs, footstools or headboards. Or it can be used for window treatments like curtains or roman blinds.  Often ticking is used in seaside themed rooms, shabby chic rooms or French country decor as it has a rustic and natural feel to it.  With its simplistic feel, ticking fabric is easy to partner with other fabrics. It is best co ordinated with fabrics with a similar rustic feel like plain linens or soft checked fabric.



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