Is Shabby Chic Still On Trend?

Think painted furniture in chalky hues paired with nostalgic florals giving a sweet vintage twist to a room and you have shabby chic decor.  About 5 years ago, it is about all you would hear in the interiors world.   Its been one of the most popular trends over the past couple of decades but is it still what people are screaming for? Read on about why it has been so popular and whether it still is.

Why Shabby Chic?

One of the reasons the shabby chic look is so popular is it is cheap and easy to achieve.  A lot of it is about up cycling antique and vintage furniture.  This is a popular way of acheiving the look as it can be done relatively easily by anyone.  When you up cycle furniture with paint to achieve a shabby chic look it doesn’t have to look perfect, as it is meant to have a rustic and distressed feel.   It can be a cheap way of decorating as well.  You can pick up vintage and antique distressed furniture for reasonable prices and paint them to give them a fresher shabby chic feel. Another easy way to achieve the look is with fabric.  There are generally two ways to go with it; rustic French style fabrics or pretty ditsy floral fabrics.  The most popular being floral fabrics.  The eclectic and vintage feel of shabby chic fabrics allows you to mix patterns freely with muted tones and soft colours.

Is it Still Popular?

Shabby chic is still a popular choice of interior trend but certainly not as much as five years ago.  Looking at google searches of it, we can see a steady decline of searches in recent years.  This is probably due to the influx of new trends like industrial decor, muted greys or rich velvets.


Studio G Nostalgic collection


Studio G Nostalgic collection

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