Interior Trends For 2019

Last year we saw tropical, Scandi and industrial decor as just some of the big trends to play it big in the interiors world.  A lot of what was on trend last year we anticipate will still be just as big, if not bigger, in 2019.  Read our blog on 5 interior trends that will continue into 2019 for more about packaging supplies

We have a list of new predictions of what we think will be big in the world of interiors for 2019.


Terrazzo is a composite material that consists of chips of marble, quartz, granite, glass, or other suitable material.  It is used for floor and wall treatments.  Experts have predicted it to be big in 2019 and we expect to see it in many bathrooms and kitchens.


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Fiber Art

Macramé is type of textile that is produced by knotting, rather than traditional methods of knitting or weaving.  In the past few months it has become increasingly popular at weddings with many people doing DIY weddings.  It is also popular in interiors being used as wall hangings, table runners and plant pot holders.  There is an increasing amount of books on Macramé so we envisage it becoming even more popular.


Image from MacrameEelgance on Etsy


They are saying black is the new grey and we can certainly see it.  In 2018, grey dominated interiors with many scandi style rooms being adorned with different shades and tones of grey.  In 2019 it seems that black will be sliding into our decor.  Black can sometimes seem intense in interiors, especially with black furniture like the bar stools below, but decorate it with rich golds or solid bold colours and it draws it completely softens the intensity of it.


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Art Deco

Predictions for furniture for 2019 are the striking Art Deco style chairs and sofa that have shell like appearances.  These statement pieces are often upholstered in rich velvet fabrics and create eye catching pieces.


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Brass is set to be big for 2019, not only in ornaments and mirrors but taps too.  Get yourself a quirky brass tap to get on board with this trend.


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