Heat Up Your Home with These Warm Fabric Upholstery Ideas!

The cold nights are starting to draw in now, and naturally, that means you will be on the lookout for something to help keep you cosy. Why spend hundreds of pounds cranking up the heating when you could invest in some wonderful winter fabrics that keep you warm? There are plenty of great winter upholstery ideas that are sure to warm up your home. Let’s have a look at a few warm fabrics currently gaining popularity, that might help to make your home a cosier place this winter.

Shades in Velvet

Velvet is a luxurious fabric that never seems to go out of style. It’s also amazingly comfy and contrary to what most people think, won’t break the bank. Velvets in red, russet and grey help to add to the winter theme, and you’ll be able to warm up quickly without having to put on too many layers

Velvet also looks fantastic as part of any living room and bedroom design in the winter. Dressing your chairs and sofas in velvet is one of many great upholstery ideas that will see you through to the other side of February.

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Head for Herringbone

If you are interested in kitting out your upholstery in a stylish winter look which will blend well into spring, think about tight herringbone patterns. Herringbone fabric offers a calm, neutral aesthetic that brings a sense of cosiness into any room. After all, much of the warmth we experience in our homes is subconscious! Why not use a fabric that brings together light patterns and colours?

Warm fabrics in a herringbone pattern are gorgeous to look at and are very easy to maintain. You could upholsterer an armchair in the pattern to keep your chair looking comfy and welcoming throughout the winter.

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Warm Geometric Fabrics

People who look for geometric fabrics may not always see them as a ‘warm’ design. However, winter fabrics when used in the right designs can really create a great look in your home this winter. Winter fabrics in geometric styles offer a neutral and pleasing look which is very inspiring. Interesting geometric patterns not only look great when complimenting the winter season, but you can implement them through a range of winter fabrics that will create warmth and comfort in your home at an affordable price.

Warmth and comfort are definitely the main things you’re going to want to look for from winter fabrics. It’s also important to remember that warm fabrics may not look like they will keep you warm. However, while the fabric may look thin it will have great insulation. If you are ever in doubt just try the winter fabrics before you buy.

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More Upholstery Ideas

Finding the best winter fabrics is just as much about picking the one with the best insulation as well as the best patterns. We believe that people can take a lot of inspiration from colours in reds and oranges to help heat up their living rooms. However, you should certainly consider velvet as a soft, warm priority. However, the way you design upholstery for your home is up to you! Take our advice here as a good starting point, but really don’t be afraid to go exploring on your own. See what styles and looks you can create!

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