Fabric Samples

We offer free fabric samples of all our cut length fabrics.  When we list fabrics online we try our best to ensure the colour on screen is as close to the real thing as possible, however, this can vary from monitor to monitor and device to device so this is why we offer free samples.  We suggest to all customers, if colour, texture and feel is important to you, to order a free fabric sample off our website.

When fabrics are listed on our website, we cut a strip off the roll which we cut into approximately A5 size samples using our crimping machine.  This means that our samples match the fabric on the shelves, however this can vary if a roll is replaced due to the fabric selling out.  Colours don’t tend to vary too drastically but can differ slightly from batch to batch so please bear this in mind especially if there is a long period between ordering your samples and placing a fabric order.

Our pre cut samples are then put on shelves so when we get a sample order in we can pick the sample and send it out the following working day.   Our samples are sent with Royal Mail on a second class service so generally take a couple of working days to get to a UK customer and longer for over seas.  We send our samples out in a booklet that includes information about our company as well as measuring advice so if you are measuring your curtains for windows and blinds, take a look at this.

Unfortunately we cannot offer samples of our roll end fabrics.  These fabrics are for sale as full pieces between 1 and 10 metres.  If we were to cut samples off these it would reduce the amount available and so we are unable to do it.  A lot of our roll ends are from top designer fabric houses so if you really would like a sample of any of these, we recommend seeing if you are able to obtain a sample direct with the designer fabric house or see if a local interior company stocks a collection book with the fabric in that you are able to look at.

Please feel free to order any fabric samples on our website.  If you are unsure how to do so, watch our tutorial video.

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