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Here at The Millshop Online, we have an extensive choice of curtain fabrics in many shades, patterns and colours to suit everyone’s style and taste. If you’re proud of your curtains and want to make sure they continue looking as good as new, it’s important that you take good care of them. Keep them looking fresh with our curtain care tips and tricks.



Did you know that vacuuming your curtains is a very effective way of keeping them dust and dirt free? Using a soft brush attachment will prevent the vacuum from damaging the material and causing more of an issue than the dust was in the first place. When vacuuming your curtains make sure to do so safely. Using the correct equipment is very important to prevent injuries – lifting a heavy hoover over your head to get to the top of the curtains isn’t a great idea. Try using a stable step stool to get to those hard to reach areas.


Allowing your curtains to breathe

Allowing a breeze of fresh air to your curtains will prevent unwanted smells and odours building. Using chemicals to deodorise your curtains is OK every now and then but using them too often could damage the material or even build up moisture – causing the curtains to go mouldy.

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Training Your Curtains

In order to achieve the best results when hanging your curtains, you should follow these steps:

  1. Allow natural folds to form
  2. Starting at the leading edge, use the natural folds and pleat the fabric evenly from top to bottom
  3. Tie back each curtain – for long curtains tie top, middle and bottom. For short curtains tie top and bottom. Make sure the ties are secure but not too tight as they may crease the fabric
  4. Make final adjustments to the pleats

Keep the ties in place for 24-36 hours. Once the ties are removed, the curtains should hang in tidy pleats.


Take care of your windows

We all know that when it’s cold outside yet warm in the house, moisture will collect on the inside of the windows. Removing this moisture will prevent your curtains from collecting it and becoming mouldy. A simple cloth will absorb all the unwanted liquids on the windows, some people choose an electronic device which collects the water for you, also known as a Window Vacuum.

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Black-out linings

When choosing your lining, you can select either a blackout lining, or a sateen lining. Both will protect your fabric from fading. The blackout will keep the light out, as much as possible. A sateen lining will give the curtain a lighter weight and feel, but will not block out as much light.


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