Benefits of Made to Measure Curtains and Blinds

Made to measure curtains and blinds are more expensive than their pre-made counterparts, so what is it you’re getting for the extra cost?  At The Millshop Online, we think that the extra cost is definitely worth it, given all the benefits that come from choosing made to measure.

Below is a list of the benefits which are worth considering when looking at made to measure versus ready-made curtains and blinds.


The Perfect Fit

Obviously made to measure curtains and blinds are made to fit your windows perfectly, as opposed to having to choose the closest size available.  Not only does the perfect fit make an aesthetic difference, but it’s also necessary in some cases too.  Roman blinds often need to fit neatly into a recess, and curtains often need to be the perfect length to accommodate a radiator or piece of furniture below the window.  If you have a very small or very large window, you may not be able to find a readymade option at all.  While some people decide to use two pairs of readymade curtains to cover a large window, this is not ideal as there is no guarantee of pattern match between pairs.  While a pair of made to measure curtains can come in almost any size, with every panel carefully pattern matched for a perfect finish.

Well-fitting curtains and blinds can also be more effective at keeping out light and keeping your heating bills down if a blackout thermal lining is used.


The Perfect Look

Going back to aesthetics, bespoke blinds and curtains also open up a whole range of materials, fabrics and trimmings as well as your choice of heading.  You can also decide whether your curtains are sill length, puddling luxuriously on the floor, or any length in between.  This means you’ll find the perfect blinds or curtains to suit not only your practical needs but your interior design needs too.



A Quality Finish

With made to measure curtains and blinds, a better-quality lining is usually used, and various lining options will be available to you.  This will not only lengthen the life of your curtains by protecting them from sun damage, but it will also mean the curtains look thicker and hang better too.  Here at The Millshop Online, we offer a hand finished or a machine finished option.  While both are made to a high standard, the hand finished option means you can get a perfect finish on all fabrics, including ones which are too delicate to be machine sewn.


Your Choice of Accessories

One of the benefits of having your window treatments made to measure is the vast array of accessories you can choose from.  Tiebacks, cushions, valances or pelmets can be made in your choice of style.  There is also the possibility of ordering extra fabric to cover a favourite piece of furniture, to bring it up to date and keep it as part of your new colour scheme.

So, in summary, there are many reasons to choose made to measure curtains and blinds, but if you are still unsure or if you require bespoke options not available in the online ordering process, our Made to Measure and Customer Services Teams are ready to answer any questions or offer advice.


You can contact them on or ask to speak to them on our number 01604 875062.

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