Upholstery Tools Every Beginner Should Have in Their Home

As we all know, the fine art of upholstery has been around throughout history and the innovative tools have too. Over the centuries there have been a few minor contemporary changes and inventions such as staplers and foot sewing machines, but most of the upholstery tools are still the same as they have been for countless years. If you’re just getting started on your upholstery journey, there are a few tools we believe may help you along the way. Keep on reading for those important upholstery tools we think you should own. Some of these items are available on our website, and links within the sections will take you directly to their location on our site. 

Upholstery Tools

Essential upholstery tools

Sewing machine

Even though upholstery is a fair bit of dragging and fastening there is frequently a lot of sewing involved as well. For example, you could sew your own traditional piping, new protectors for seat pillows, and anything more that you could dream of making – with a good durable sewing machine this can all be done very easily.

Wood Mallet

This easy to use, lightweight mallet is perfect for upholstering and hammering tack strips into place. It gives the power needed but also has a softer face, so it won’t ruin any fabric.

Soft Tape Measure

Having a flexible tape measure is handy as it allows you to take accurate measurements around the corners of cushions, armrests and much more.


Save yourself from getting sore, tired hands and use a pneumatic stapler. This stapler is lightweight, easy to use, and very affordable. It’s available in two diverse models; the extended nose and short-nosed versions – both work well for all upholstery projects. You’ll need an air compressor, pipe and fitting to work this staple gun.

Upholstery Tools 

Curved Upholstery Needles

These curved needles are an essential part of an upholsterer’s toolkit. They’re used for slipping, sewing springs and coils to webbing and burlap, and stitching bridle ties. The curve makes them more accurate and makes it much easier to get to hard to reach places.

Staple Remover and Tack Lifter

When you first start upholstering it can be difficult and you may make mistakes, so these tools are great for learners. Use the staple remover to pry up and get rid of staples. Then you can use the tack lifter to pry up and remove tack strips. Together you can easily pull staples and tacks to get rid of old fabric from a piece.


Pins are always very helpful during sewing projects. Use these pins to hold your sewing together or to mark the fabric when pattern matching.

Fabric Scissors

A good pair of fabric scissors is essential to any fabric project and upholstery is no different. Attempting to use scissors that aren’t made for fabric, or old, blunt scissors can make your job ten times harder. Choose a good high-quality pair that will quickly and easily cut through fabric and last you a number of years.


There are, of course, plenty of other tools available to you, however, the above tools are ones that will be worth buying and keeping around the workshop or home due to them being the essentials needed when upholstering.


We hope that you’ve found the above information useful, please feel free to contact us with any questions or queries by giving us a call on 01604 875 062 or heading over to our website.

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