Coronavirus (COVID-19)

A little update from the team at the-millshop-online regarding Coronavirus. ** Online orders are being dispatched as normal ** As we are all aware the government asked for all non essential shops to close therefore our Northampton store is temporarily … Continue reading

The History of Upholstery

Unless you work specifically in the field, upholstery in all its forms is something we rarely think about but it impacts our lives on a daily basis. We slump on sofas, perch on stools and lean on armchairs without a … Continue reading

Why You Should Invest in Made to Measure Curtains

Any home, regardless of its size, is the largest financial commitment most people will make. This is why we work so hard to create a space that keeps us safe, secure and reflects who we are. We can stay in … Continue reading

Heat Up Your Home with These Warm Fabric Upholstery Ideas!

The cold nights are starting to draw in now, and naturally, that means you will be on the lookout for something to help keep you cosy. Why spend hundreds of pounds cranking up the heating when you could invest in … Continue reading

Why Line Your Curtains This Winter?

Suffering from The Cold, Here Are Ways To Help. Many people see curtains as just a convenient way for you to get some privacy. However, they do much more than just shut the world out! Millions of us depend on … Continue reading

Autumn Styling Tips for Your Home

Styling your home depending on seasons can be great for keeping your decor fresh, relevant and interesting. Here at The Millshop Online, we offer a wide range of fabrics and upholstery accessories, making it easier to update and personalise your … Continue reading

Tips for Restoring Upholstery

You may have pieces of furniture or other upholstery items that you are looking to restore back to its original condition. However, if you are not completely confident that you are fully prepared to start restoring your upholstery item and … Continue reading

Upholstery Tools and Their Uses

Upholstery is the art of covering a piece of furniture, and therefore you need more than just a needle, thread and some fabric. There is so much more that goes into upholstery which requires specialist upholstery tools that allows, and … Continue reading

4 Creative Ways to use Hessian Fabric

Hessian fabric is used in a variety of different ways, but it is more commonly used in rural environments – such as being used to help transport food produce. Whilst it is more traditional to use Hessian for sacks, you … Continue reading

Types of Upholstery Fabric and Their Uses

The type of upholstery fabric you choose for your new sofa or armchair can make a really big difference when it comes to the look and feel of your room. It might not be the top of your list when … Continue reading