All About Us - Welcome To Our World

Welcome to the-millshop-online!  We are a family run fabric company who specialise in curtain fabric and upholstery fabric.  We are a stockist of fabric and supplies meaning everything you see on our website is held in stock in our fabric warehouse ready for immediate despatch.   We spend much of our time dealing direct with the fabric mills and weavers both in the UK, Europe and worldwide.  We track down top quality designer fabrics at fantastic prices and pass those savings directly on to you, the customer, cutting out the middle man. 

Our aim to be different, selectively sourcing unique and varied fabrics and products. We particularly specialise in designer fabrics for curtains and upholstery. Of course, we will sell some other items that you may recognise, after all we are in business and need to pay bills but please bookmark our page to keep up to date with what’s new and different. 

Being able to source great fabrics at great prices is only half the story, offering great customer service is the other half and is paramount to our business. We passionately believe that the customer is entitled to expect a minimum level of service, seldom found these days, and our personal minimum is very high. Remember we are also a customer to other businesses so we know how we like to be treated.

We have tried to make the website easy to navigate and uncluttered as possible. We have also tried to avoid any small print without surprises. Of course there are some terms of trading that we have to share with you but they are clear and concise and not intended to create a trap. This is only our opinion so please let us know if you think that there are any improvements that could be made.

In the meantime grab a coffee and spend twenty minutes browsing the website and hopefully one of our fabulous fabrics will take your fancy, remember you can always ask for some free fabric samples to be sent to you.