Why To Make Your Own Cushions

Cushions can be relatively easy to make and can create simple statement pieces and added decoration to a room.  Below are just a few reasons why you should consider making your own cushions up.


Bring the fabric into the room

When you have made curtains or roman blinds in your chosen curtain fabric, making up cushions in the same fabric to put on the furniture can help bring the fabric into the room and have complimenting fabrics spread throughout the room.

Make use of the wastage fabric 

Quite often when making curtains, roman blinds or doing upholstery projects you will find you have some fabric leftover where you have had to allow for the pattern match.  Making cushion covers with this left over fabric means it does not go to waste.  You can make up the cushion cover and fill it with one of our cushion pads.


Cushions bring an element of comfort to a piece of furniture and a room.

A gift

A cushion can be a lovely present for someone and can be relatively inexpensive if the fabric is not very expensive.   We have over 10,000 fabrics at £1 per metre available in our fabric warehouse or we have a clearance fabric section on our website.

Saves money

If you are looking for cushions, good quality ones can be quite expensive.  Making your own is a great option to help save costs.  You can purchase the fabric you want at the price you would like and choose from a variety of cushion pads at different prices.

Feather of polyester

Making you own cushions allows you to pick whether you would like a feather cushion pad or a polyester cushion pad.  Feather ones require plumping up now and again and feathers can protrude.  We have a featherproof cambric fabric to stop feathers coming through fabric on cushions which available on our website.

Choose shape

Cushion pads come in a different range of shapes and sizes.  Making your own cushions allows you to choose what shape and size you would like best and what would be most suitable, whether it be square cushion, round cushion or bolster cushion.

Buy cushion pads

In our online fabric shop and our fabric warehouse in Northampton, we sell a range of cushions pads.  We have both polyester cushion pads and feather cushions pads. We have square cushions pads, round cushion pads and bolster cushion pads.

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